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 has been developed to promote and preserve the rich heritage of the many Eastern Christian Churches throughout the world. It is an open forum to all Eastern Christians, Catholics and Orthodox alike, in order to retain and promote the cultural beauty and traditions of these ancient religions. Our new broadband broadcast network internet site will serve as a media center for all information and programming done by and for the Eastern Christian Churches.

Newly launched on March 14, 2009 consist of current events, informational dialogues, feature stories, blog sites, tweet and twitter, face book and most often asked questions about the Eastern Churches. We hope to open the door to a flood of information pouring forth from various sources, the Church, the priests, clergy, and the people themselves. With the use of modern technology the younger members of the Church will most certainly become involved with the ByzanTEEN section.

Rather than going door to door to spread the word of Christ, we will be entering homes through modern technology, the internet. We hope you will share our vision of doing what Jesus commanded, …”Go ye therefore and teach all nations”….and join us in becoming a viable part of today’s evangelization. We welcome and encourage any comments that can assist us in reaching our goal.


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